7-year-boy swallow airpods!

airpods in boy's stomach

An Atlanta mom is sharing a cautionary tale about AirPods, the wireless earbuds that are an extremely popular Christmas event's gift this year.

Kiara Stroud's 7-year-old son had an AirPod in his mouth, pinched it and accidentally ended up swallowing it, she posted on Facebook on Saturday. The boy was rushed to the hospital, where an X-ray clearly shows that the Apple AirPods is in his stomach.

“I can’t make this up. My child, my child,” Stroud wrote in a post displaying the X-ray. “No more AirPods for this kid.” The Child is Completely Fine!

"We let him know that everything was going to be alright, remained calm, and it helped him relax so the doctors could do their job," she continued in a follow-up post. "Today was one of those days when considering looking back, thanking God that everything was fine and laughing when I was already growing up."

Doctors told the family that the gadget would pass through the boy's body on its own and would come out naturally in the feces within a few days, and he would recover, Strode said. She wanted to share the story to warn other parents.

"Children can swallow a wide variety of objects, so this phenomenon is not generally surprising," said Dr. Pediatric Emergency Physician of Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Gary A. Smith and President of the Child Injury Presidency Alliance. . He said that such swallowing incidents usually occur among children younger than 3 years.

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