A piece of the "Royal Cake" goes to auction at the "wedding of Princess Anne in 1973"

Have you ever wondered what royalty tastes like? Well, now you can know - A piece, from the wedding of Princess Anne to Captain Mark Philip's wedding in 1973, will be put on auction this month with a commemorative box. The piece will go under the hammer at the Chiswick auction on 16 October and will open from the 12-16th of the month for those wishing to bid and to see how 46-year-old cake looks like.

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillip's wedding cake in 1973

"Valentina Borghi", head of autographs and memorabilia at Criswick auction, told "Slices of wedding cakes are extremely popular among collectors of Royal memorabilia. Royal weddings are certainly public events, but at the same time they reveal a lot about the personal tastes and choices of those involved. For this reason it is the treasure for the Royal family fans and a way to be a part of a memorable event. "

Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillip's cake will be auctioned October 16 2019

Being preserved since November 1973, the slice is no longer a food item, however, it is a collectible that is sure to accompany the commemorative box. The small cake box is inscribed in large gray font with the letters 'A' and 'M', where the wedding location is written as follows:

'Buckingham Palace, 14 November 1973'. However, the condition of the box described that auction wear starts at £ 120 for some wear and staining, with an estimated cost of around £200- £300

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