Actress accused - During the audition, a 'big star' put hand in my skirt.

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Actress Naomi Harris, who posed as a 'Bond Girl' in the James Bond film 'Skyfall', has accused a big star of sexual abuse. She said that she was sexually assaulted by a 'big star' once during an audition. The actress told that many times she had to face men of this kind trying while working in the film industry.

Harris told, "He put his hand in my skirt. It was very shocking to me. The casting director, the director was there but nobody said anything because he was a 'big star'. That's the biggest sad thing. That the star is still very influential in the industry. " Although Harris did not name anyone.

Harris went on to say- "I think we all have brains. We can get out of such situations many times if we use it. Men know they won't survive after this behavior but they do Never think before. " Harris studied at the Anna Scare Theater School. There was an agency attached to her school after which she auditioned and get the job.

Talking about the work front, Harris is going to be seen again in the upcoming James Bond series 'No Time to Die'. She will be the film's Bond Girl. She has acted in more than 25 films before Bond.

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