"Antonio Brown" got arrest warrant for battery case in florida.

Antonio Brown

Hollywood(Florida) police representative Christian Latta said in a Wednesday news that Antonio Brown deals with indictments of theft with battery, robbery of a vacant movement and criminal wickedness.

Antonio Brown's trainer, Holt, was arrested on a lawful offense robbery with battery charge on Tuesday. He posted a $20,000 bond on Wednesday and was released from Broward County Jail on Wednesday night.

Police disclosed to ESPN that they reached Brown to interrogate him regarding the occurrence, however the free-operator wide recipient withdrew into his home and overlooked their solicitations to talk with him.

Antonio Brown throw a stone at the driver's moving truck before the supposed battery outside of his home Tuesday, as indicated by court archives acquired by TMZ on Wednesday.

The archives assert that Brown later constrained his way into the driver's side of the fundamental lodge and started to physically strike the driver after a contradiction over installment raised. He was then limited by his partners.

Antonio Brown, 31, stayed in or close to his home for the duration of the day. Presently police have a warrant to go into his home to arrest him if necessary.

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The court records got by TMZ express, that the trucking organization was enlisted by Antonio Brown to convey assets the beneficiary had put away in California to his home in Hollywood, Florida.

Antonio Brown supposedly would not pay the $4,000 charge, which at first drove the driver to endeavor to leave with the property in his truck, and that is the point at which the driver said Brown threw the stone, scratching and causing paint harm to the driver's side of the vehicle. The driver at that point called police to report the harm.

Afterward, the reports state, the trucking organization advised the driver to drop off the products since Brown consented to pay the charge in addition to harms he caused. Upon appearance, in any case, Brown paid the $4,000 charge yet wouldn't pay more.

Another contention resulted, and that is the point at which, the driver claims,Antonio Brown ambushed him, and Holt endeavored to get his keys from the start to open the truck and get Brown's things, causing cuts and scratches on the driver.

Antonio Brown's house is situated in a gated community in Hollywood. Different neighbors disclosed to ESPN that they are tired of the shenanigans originating from the home, including various police experiences this month.

Antonio Brown recently played for the Pittsburgh Steelers before joining the Oakland Raiders in the off-season. He neglected to play a customary season game and was released after a fierce offseason.

He was then gotten by the New England Patriots for 11 days before he was again released in the wake of claims that he explicitly ambushed his previous mentor and sent threatening instant messages to another lady who had additionally blamed him for sexual unfortunate behavior.

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