"Ariana Grande" bumps into the BTS rehearsal at studio.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande suddenly became the spotlight in cyberspace after uploading her latest photo. On Instagram account @arianagrande, this American singer poses with Bangtan Boys or BTS.

In a black-and-white photo, Ariana Grande is flanked by BTS personnel. She explained, accidentally met BTS who were rehearsaling.

Unfortunately, only six BTS personnel are without Suga. Unspecified, the event that Ariana Grande and BTS will attend.

Splashy Ariana Grande's upload became a trending topic on Twitter. Citizens reacted, writing positive comments. They also hope that BTS and Ariana Grande can collaborate. "Wow, with Ariana Grande. Hopefully later they will make a joint project," wrote the @syrillia account on Twitter.

But there are also those who actually comment on Taehyung. One of the BTS personnel is considered to have its own charm.

"Wow, the man beside Ariana is very handsome. Who is he?" ask @Re's account on Twitter. Army - BTS fans - answered, BTS personnel who stole the hearts of world citizens are Taehyung, known as V.

"Fans are excited to see the good looks of Taehyung. Army only replied: we are used to seeing it. It is always lacking," replied @armyBTS.

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