"Arnold Schwarzenegger" said about fitness,"Non-vegetarian is not necessary for body building"

Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to being a terminator again, and this time he is getting emotional by reminiscing about the bygone days. Considered one of the world's biggest role models, Arnold has completely changed his life style in recent times. He now only takes vegetarianism. He no longer consumes any kind of substance from animals. He says,

"Now I give priority to more and more green vegetables and grains or other healthy natural food.I stay away from meat or other animal products. At one time it was confusing to people that they needed to be physically strong but now I feel I feel better by staying away from them".

Fully vegan superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has been doing a lot of work on climate protection for the last few years. When asked about one of his wishes, she says, "I wish I could go back in time like a terminator and create a non-polluting energy source for the future." In explaining this, Arnold says that "There was a time when people debated about fuel. Whether the vehicle is powered by electricity or with gas, hydrogen, petrol or design, SA has been debated".

Arnold says, "If we had decided to build electric vehicles only a hundred years ago, the world would not have been going through this crisis today. I am not even talking about climate change here, I am just saying that by adopting diesel-petrol, the pollution we have spread all over the world, millions of people are dying every year. My wish is that I wish I could go back in time like a terminator and rectify these mistakes. Now it seems very difficult to do at present. "

Distributed by Paramount Pictures in North America, Tencent Pictures in China and 20th Century Fox in other territories, the film is scheduled to release theatrically in the United States on November 1, 2019.

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