Ban on E Cigarettes: China now ready to ban after USA and India

Beijing, AP. After the US and India, China is now preparing to ban e-cigarettes. According to a state news agency in China, the country is preparing to ban liquids and other items used in electronic cigarettes. China has taken this decision due to global concern about the diseases and death caused by e-cigarettes.

According to the information, the rule will be released by next month, but no indication has been given as to what kind of restrictions will be imposed on it. Let me tell you that the sale and use of e-cigarettes was completely banned in India. Not only this, many other countries including the US have also banned it.

What is e cigarette?

E-cigarettes are usually seen as an alternative to cigarettes. It is said that it is easy to quit cigarettes, but studies have revealed that it promotes cigarette habit and is equally dangerous. According to research, its consumption can cause many other diseases including asthma. The chemicals used in it are life-threatening, due to which there is a risk of lung cancer. It is worth noting that e-cigarette is a type of electronic inhaler filled with liquid containing nicotine and other chemicals. This inhaler converts this liquid into steam with the energy of the battery and makes the drinker feel like smoking cigarettes.

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