"Brazil's President" charged - "Leonardo DiCaprio responsible for Amazon's terrible fire".

Leonardo DiCaprio

A large area has been affected by the fire in the Amazon forests in Brazil. At the same time, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has now held Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio responsible for this matter.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has in one of his webcasts on Thursday blamed Hollywood's Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the Amazon fire. On Friday, he made his allegations stronger and said that DiCaprio funds many non-profit organizations.

President Bolsonaro says that this funding of the actor is responsible for the fire in Amazon. However, the President has not presented any evidence to prove this.

In the capital Brasilia, Bolsonaro said, 'Leonardo DiCaprio is a very quiet person, isn't he? They provide money to handover to Amazon. Apart from this, he also reiterated this during the live telecast of Facebook. At the same time, in an Instagram post, Leonardo said that he does not give funds to the organization that is being accused.

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