'Cats':"Full movie review".

Director: Tom Hooper

With: Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson

Release Date: Dec 20, 2019

Running time: 110 MIN.

Official Site: https://www.catsmovie.com/

Cats is a case study of how a melody cannot be adapted. In an alternate universe, the new Cats, can be a wonderful holiday gift to the world.A lively, funky spark that runs through the threadbare plot of the music - after all, it's story Is based on a book of poems by T.S Eliot - and despite the public's reaction to the film's existence in general, Cats had the potential to be joyous and light.

But it was also likely to be a huge embarrassment, and I was careful that cats are able to overcome their own inherent strangeness.

Some elements of cats almost work. The set looks terrible, even though the scale is inconsistent. The dancing is amazing - when the camera manages to sit still for a long time to show it. The music is essentially unchanged, and I like the new song.

This is my part of tongue-in-cheek levity, being my most favorite moment Judy Dench's Old Deutonomy perfectly directs us, the audience, to address our cats as: "O, Kat. " One musical sequence in particular for me came really close, capturing Kat's magnificent whiskey.

The film features professional stage performers and dedicated dancers like Fairchild, who come from a dance and Broadway background and Hayward who is a prominent ballerina in The Royal Ballet. Even through a lens filter, his talent is undeniable. Big stars who bless their names at the top of the poster only add to the familiar and easy-to-market one.For example, Taylor Swift wrote and performed the only original song in the film, a small number that does not particularly stand out with the dance direction of others that sounds serious. It is the talent of lesser-known actors with credentials that steal the show.

Everything I just said aside, I can't say that some wouldn't like this weird, tragic film, but it doesn't offer much to those who have no prior knowledge of what happened in the stage building . I, for one, felt lost, battling down a sketch back alley for the poem, Reason and, once the credits rolled, the nearest exit.

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