China National Day 2019

Like every year, this time China is going to celebrate its 70th National Day on October 1. But this year's National Day is very important for President Xi Jinping because with the establishment of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949, seventy years of Communist Party rule in the country will be completed.The Communist Party of China is the second-longest ruling party in history, nearly a year short of its neighbor North Korea. Only this time, in the event of National Day, China is ready to show every dimension of its strength.

What is history?

The leader of the Communist Party, Maotse Tung (Mao), founded the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949 after a four-year civil war with the Nationalist Party or the Kuomintang following the end of the Japanese occupation during World War II.

In 1911, the two sides had been fighting for decades to fill the power left after the Chinese Revolution that ended the Ching dynasty. After the communist government came to China in 1949, the US closed its diplomatic relations with Beijing for decades. The Nationalist Party and 1.5 million refugees fled to the island of Taiwan, where they established a rival government.

Impregnable weapon display

With around 15,000 personnel, more than 160 aircraft and a variety of 580 weapons and equipment, China can showcase some of the world's most advanced weapons during military parades. These include DF-41 missile, JL-2 submarine launch ballistic missile (SLBM), DL-17 missile, H-6N bomber aircraft, DR-8 drone, Sharp Sword drone and drone submarine.

Historical events

The ceremony is being held at Thienanaman Square in Beijing. The events will begin with the first military parade. Thousands of spectators are expected to witness this military parade lasting 80 minutes. President Xi will take the army salute included in the Chinfing parade. This will be followed by March Past, which will include joint military music bands. During this time seventy thousand white pigeons and seventy thousand colored balloons will be released. In the evening, people will enjoy fireworks.

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