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Chris Hemsworth to lead Nat Geo's Docu-Series "Limitless"

Photo Credits: Social Media

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth will transform into a "human guinea pig" for National Geographic series Limitless. The docu-series, to be official delivered by movie producer Darren Aronofsky, was declared at the 2020 Television Critics Association press visit, revealed to Entertainment Weekly. The logical series will see Hemsworth experience various difficulties that will investigate various ways people can live more.

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The show will then follow the 36-year-old actor as he discovers how to live a healthier and smarter life by transforming himself through six physical and mental challenges around the world. Each episode will tackle a different technique that is to help extend human life — like regenerating damage, shocking the body, and supercharging memory. "Basically, I was somehow convinced to volunteer myself as a human guinea pig and endure a series of mental and physical challenges across the globe, all for the sake of science," Hemsworth said in a statement.

"We're planning to reveal some insight into new thoughts and developing science with the emphasis on broadening a sound life expectancy. Generation begins soon, so wish me karma," he included. The "Justice fighters: Endgame" star will likewise official produce the show close by Ben Grayson, Jane Root and Arif Nurmohamed of Nutopia, Matt Renner and Bengt Anderson. Ruth Shurman will fill in as the showrunner.