Doctor who pay tribute to late fan by naming character after him.

The Judoon(new character named after late fan) returns in episode five

It is revealed that the series has named an important character after the BBC's online producer, Paul Condon, who turned into an important character in 2019 who passed away after a serious illness.

In an upcoming episode titled Fugitive of the Judoon, Judoon leader named as Paul-con-don, an important reference to Paul's name.

The move has been praised by friends of Paul on social media,they all requested to use his name as character name in the Doctor who.

Some of the friends write the following posts on their social media platform:

"Oh my goodness, Pol Con Don. I am a weeping puddle."

‘How utterly *amazing*. (For those who don’t know, Paul Condon, one of the most wonderful people ever, and for me personally a “without whom” person, died last year, and now has a Doctor Who monster named after him. Just wow.)’

Another added: ‘Ah, that’s a lovely touch in memory of Paul Condon.’

The abstract for the scene prods: 'Ko Sho Blo! Trigger-upbeat space police the Judoon are focusing on 21st-century Gloucester. 'The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham race back to Earth so as to forestall them doing an excessive amount of harm to the basilica city. Yet, who are they searching for, and what did they do to cause the fury of the Judoon?'

This week's scene invites back the Judoon just because since arrangement four. First seeming to threaten David Tennant's Ten and his friend Martha Jones, they're currently making their lethal return for Thirteen (Jodie Whittaker).

Chris Chibnall affirmed the news back in May, and stated: 'The Judoon are raging go into Doctor Who in full power, and the avenues of Gloucester aren't protected. On the off chance that anybody has anything to cover up, admit now.' Swearing the power would be 'showing no mercy', he included: 'The entire group on Doctor Who are charmed and terrified in equivalent measure to invite them back: one of numerous treats we have coming up for watchers next arrangement.'

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