Erica Mena And Her Baby Girl Poses For A Photograph!

Erica Mena posted a photograph in which she's strolling her and Safaree's child young lady. Individuals are as yet astounded by hos great Erica takes care of conceiving an offspring not very far in the past.

Only a few days ago, she shared a photograph in which she was displaying her stomach and her fans valued that she's not concealing her post-pregnancy look.

One devotee raised Erica's child and tossed conceal over her: 'Were is your child? It is safe to say that you are not doing family things? So you're going to show her off however not your child? Simply asking ?? I couldn't want anything more than to see him as well.'

Another fan addressed the one above and clarified them the genuine circumstance with Erica's child: 'angel she said her child is at an age where he's his own person. He has companions and a public activity outside of his mother's foundation and he would like to not be posted. So please regard his desires and security.'

Another devotee stated: '@iamerica_mena I love you being real to life about being a mother yet permitting your youngsters to have protection and letting them pick open consideration when it's proper! It's sheltered and more beneficial for them confidence over the long haul. Your decision and it's praiseworthy!''

A fan told Erica: 'I trust you have a wonderful Saturday! I trust you have a great day and a decent day! Aww so flawless! For what reason would you say you are wearing dark? I love you and wish I could meet you!'

One adherent raised the antibody subject: '@iamerica_mena you look extraordinary 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽… tune in… I value your voice on the realities of these destructive toxin shots 💉. Much thanks to you such a great amount for utilizing your foundation to spread mindfulness. Have you brought a look into the 5 G and its relationship with the entirety of this franticness? Kindly do! You are a voice and your foundation is your stage. Kindly use it shrewdly and assist US with sparing our future. Much obliged to you ❤️ If you are keen on some helpful connections and narratives, I am glad to share.'

Erica is carrying on with her best life nowadays together with Safaree and her children.

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