EXCLUSIVE: "Arnold" leaked the most dangerous scene of "Terminator Darkfate"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the world's most famous actors in bodybuilding, four times Mr. Universe and seven times Mr. Olympia, is nothing short of a film story. He has been the Governor of the State of California in the US and also runs an institute at Southern California University in his name.

The character of Arnold, who became a mega star from Terminator, released in 1984, is returning to the big screen again next week, Terminator Darkfate, the next film of the same series.

Producer James Cameron's decision to pick up the story of the second film of the Terminator series and make it directly Terminator Darkfate How much did you like it on first listen?

The entire credit for creating Terminator Darkfate goes to Jim (James Cameron). He brought the idea of ​​this film to me and asked me if I would be eager to do it. I just said that whenever we have a good idea, it is good to work on it.So Jim said that he has not only the idea of ​​the return of the Terminator but also the idea of ​​bringing the character of Linda Hamilton to the film, I got very excited. It became a reunion of sorts. We made many Terminator movies without Jim, but Jim is coming back in the Terminator Darkfate, Linda is coming back, so this film is very special in that sense.

You have been working in cinema for almost four decades. What difference has it made in today's action films?

From the perspective of working, everything is the same. An actor still has to come to the set with complete preparation. Long-term training is required before shooting with weapons. But, the changes that have taken place from 1984 to 2019 to portray a machine on screen,That is, now you can entertain the audience in a better way and in this the development in the technique of special effects has helped a lot. What we cannot do by shooting, we can now compensate with special effects.

The film Terminator would like to tell about a scene from Darkfet which might not have been possible to do before but with the help of technology, its team managed to create it in this film?

There is a scene in the movie Terminator Darkfate in which he is falling from the sky towards the earth after a ship is set on fire, and he has a fierce fight with the villain of the film. In this scene, the gravitational potential is zero, i.e the characters are floating in the air and are also fighting among themselves. Filming such scenes in Zero Gravity was probably not possible before. This time also it was not easy. It took us three to four weeks to complete this scene. We were hung with wire. There was a ship structure all around us and we were flowing in the air from here to there.

It was very difficult to say all this, many times we had to stop shooting because our natural reactions started going astray. So now wherever the actor's hard work falls short, special effects come to help. With the development of technology, we are able to entertain the audience better.

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