"Famous actress's social media account hacked", obscene photos Leaked!

Demi Lovato

"Private pictures of Hollywood cinema's famous actress and singer Demi Lovato have gone viral on social media". It is reported that these pictures of Demi Lovato were leaked due to her social media account being hacked. As soon as his pornographic images went viral, her fans became very angry and started supporting Demi Lovato.

"Demi Lovato's Snapchat account was hacked on Thursday afternoon, according to news from the English website Los Angeles, after which his pornographic photos appeared in her Snapchat story". Demi Lovato found out her social media account was hacked through her fans, after which the photos were deleted.

Soon after Snapchat was hacked, Star's publicity team started deleting their photos. Now all those photos have been deleted. At the same time, fans of their favorite singer Demi Lovato leaked on social media, and the fans were angry and started cheating those who hacked their account. Demi Lovato was in the news earlier this year for deleting her Twitter account.

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