Forbes List / Taylor Swift is the highest-grossing singer in the world, earning Rs 3.62 crore a day

-Forbes released the list of highest-grossing singers. -Beyoncé is second and Rihanna is third in the world's top-5 singers.

Washington. Forbes released a list of the highest-grossing singers in music on Thursday. American pop singer Taylor Swift is number one in this. According to Forbes, the highest paid celebrity is Taylor's annual income of $ 185 million (about Rs. 1322 crore). His one-day income is $ 5.6 lakh (about 3.62 crore rupees). On this list of Forbes, Beyoncé is second and Rihanna is third.

Forbes released the list of the highest-grossing global celebs last month. Taylor Swift was also number one in this. Only two women were featured in this list, which was followed by American reality star and model Kylie Jenner at number two after Taylor Swift.

American Singer and their annual earnings: Taylor Swift: 1322 crores Beyonce: 578 crores Rihanna: 442 crores Katy Perry: 410 crores Pink: 406 crores

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