"Grandmother sing a song and baby grand daughter join her".

Source: Madlyodd.com

Grandmother is watching her beloved with the classic song "I'm in the mood". The song was published in 1935 and appeared in a black and white production called Every Night at Eight.

Listen closely to this lovely beauty as she looks closely at the grandmother's face and really tries to match her pitch. Their pairing is simply priceless. Mom ran for the camera the moment she saw the scene. Grandma cannot stop breaking after her first version. Watch the expressions of this little cutie pie in the video below and listen to your loved one as well as her singing. it is very cute

With the child in her arms, Grandma sits down and starts singing to her. She sings "I am in the Mood" by Louis Armstrong since 1935. As if it is some magic, the child's eyes turn to the grandmother. Grandma is singing in a soft voice that is perfect for getting comfortable with her grand daughter. Grandma is so busy with her singing that she does not care what her grand daughter starts doing.

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