Hollywood actress gets objectionable words on her arm,accused of sexual harassment

During the premiere of the film 'Uncut Gems', Hollywood actress and model Emily Ratakauski wrote offensive words against producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of rape. Seeing this picture of Emily went viral. Everyone is appreciating his style.

Earlier it was reported that Weinstein had a $ 2.5 million deal with those who accused him, due to which he would not have to accept any allegations of sexual harassment.

Let us tell you that this year the Grand Jury had charged Weinstein under the rape and criminal sexual harassment act.

Weinstein has been accused of sexually abusing more than 100 women, including several veteran Hollywood actresses. After this, many other women put their talk on social media through #metoo campaign. This campaign created panic all over the world.

Harvey is considered one of Hollywood's most powerful filmmakers. Let us know that 81 films made in Harvey's production have received Oscar Award. Harvey was one of the filmmakers who had access to the White House.

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