Honor: "Nobel of literature" to Poland writer "Olga" and Austrian writer "Peter Handke".

Olga Tokarjuk of Poland was selected for the 2018 and Austria's Handke for the 2019 Nobel.

The literature Nobel announcement of 2018 was postponed due to sexual harassment case.

Stockholm: The 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature will be given to Polish author Olga Tokarjuk and the Nobel Prize for 2019 to Austrian writer Peter Handke. The Swedish Academy announced this on Thursday. Olga Tokarjuk would receive this honor for her fictionality of depicting a form of life across borders. Austrian writer Peter Handke has been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize 'for the important work of exploring the periphery and uniqueness of human experience through linguistic simplicity'.

Olga was born in 1962 in Poland. He wrote the first novel 'The Journey of the Book-People' in 1993. Her historical novel, The Book of Jacob, published in 2014, has displayed an amazing ability to present subjects often beyond human comprehension. Olga's third novel was published in 'Premeval and Other Times. This novel set a new example for Polish literature after 1989.

Peter Handke was born in 1942 in Carnaton, South Austria. He started his literary career in 1966 with the novel Die Hornison. He then wrote the novel 'Offending the Audience' in 1969.

51 women have been awarded Nobel From 1901 to 2018, 51 women have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Madame Marie Curie was awarded this award twice. She received the Nobel Prize in the field of Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911. Accordingly, 51 women have received the Nobel Prize so far.

The Nobel for Peace is a committee elected by the Parliament of Norway The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences selects Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry and Economics. The Caroline Institute, Stockholm, Sweden announces the names of winners in the field of Nobel Assembly Medicine. The Nobel Prize in the field of literature is given by the Swedish Academy of Stockholm, Sweden and the Nobel Prize for Peace is given by a committee elected by the Parliament of Norway.

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