Husband did "maternity photoshoot" in place of wife, photos viral on social media

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Kentucky: Maternity photoshoots have always been in trend. Couples, who are going to be parents for the first time, give special preference to the photoshoot of this trek. A couple of Germans are in the news these days for such photoshoot, but the reason for their being in discussion is another. In fact, in this couple, the husband has got a maternity photoshoot instead of the wife. Yes, don't be surprised.

Actually Jared Brewer and his wife Kelsey Brewer had decided to have a maternity photoshoot before the first delivery, but at the same time, Kelsey worsened and had to be hospitalized. All the preparations for the photoshoot were complete, so instead of canceling Jared, he decided to take his wife's place and get her own maternity photoshoot done. Photos of this photoshoot are going viral on social media.

Let me tell you that Jared Bever and his wife Kelsey set a date for September 18 for the maternity photoshoot, but Kelsey had to be hospitalized on the same day due to pre-eclampsia. This increased the risk of the shoot being missed, but Jared did not lose courage and decided to have his own photoshoot in place to surprise his wife.

While photographing Jared, the photographer was not even bothered, as the photographer was none other than Kelsey's sister Kayna Smort. Along with Jared Kerena, he reached a waterfall called Elkhorn Creek near Frankfurt Kentucky and got a photoshoot done.

However, Jared had not told his wife anything about this plan. So when Jared showed Kelsey photos of the photoshoot, she started crying with joy. After the photoshoot, Jared said, 'When she saw the pictures, she started crying. There was laughter on his lips. Jared continued, 'I just wanted to make him laugh a little bit. I knew she would appreciate the shoot, because she needed a good laugh.

Jared told his wife Kelsey that she was ill and in the hospital for the past week. She is very photogenic and loves to take pictures. Regarding his maternity photo, Jared said, "I never dreamed that they would go viral."

He said, 'This completely surprised us. I was doing all this only to try to please my wife, but now it is nice to see positive responses received on it. Kelsey gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week. So now Jared's priority is to take care of the health of both mother and child before going to Kelsey's house.

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