Italy: "Aircraft entangled at an altitude of 150 feet", pilots and passengers sitting on 'wings'.

Source : Social Media

A surprise plane crash has occurred in Lombardy province, Italy. Here, the life of the pilot and a passenger aboard a small plane came to breath when the plane got entangled in the stars and hung in the air. Thankfully there was no untoward and the passenger with the pilot was saved.

Plane was passing near the Alps Mountains of Italy when it crashed while stuck in the cable of Prato Velintina ski resort located there. One wing of the aircraft broke in this accident. Thankfully the plane did not fall to the ground.

After the accident, the pilot and passenger sat on the aircraft's wings. He was trapped in the air for about half an hour. Both started waiting for the rescue team to save their lives.

Italy's National Cave and Mountain Rescue Unit Corpo Nazionale Socorso Alpino Ispelologico (CNSAS) conducted a rescue operation (rescue operation) after the plane crashed. After this, a pilot of 62 years and a passenger of 55 years could be saved.

Rescue Team CNSAS spokesman Walter Milan said the two were very lucky. It is a miracle that both of them survived. During the rescue operation, the aircraft remained stuck between the cables. The pilot received minor injuries in the accident. He is admitted to Sendelon Hospital. At the same time, the passenger of 55 years has been saved safely.

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