Japan: "The most dangerous storm threat in 60 years",sky turned pink, "42 ​​lakh people left home".

Source: DW news

There is an atmosphere of fear in Japan due to Hagibis, the strongest storm of 60 years. So far 42 lakh people have been evacuated to safer places. According to the information received, the storm is expected to hit the coast on Saturday (today). Winds are moving at a speed of 180 km per hour in Japan.

The capital of Tokyo has turned pink and purple due to the impact of 'Hagibis' storm. The Philippines has named this storm Hagibis. In the language of this, it means speed. Let us tell you that a similar storm in Japan in 1958 caused great destruction.

Strong winds are causing havoc At that time, 1200 people were killed and thousands became homeless due to the severe storm. Winds running at a speed of 180 km have started causing havoc. Many vehicles overturned on the road due to strong winds. There is also news of one person being killed.

The Japanese government has evacuated the coastal areas due to fears of floods and landslides. All air services have been suspended. Japanese companies have canceled 1929 international and domestic flights. The rail network has also been closed. People have been advised to stay in homes.

Emergency services on high alert

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has appealed to the people to be vigilant. The government has put emergency services on high alert. All matches of the Rugby World Cup in Japan have been canceled and the players have been sent back.

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