Kelly Rowland Shows Amazing Figure In a 'Coffee' Video!

Kelly Rowland

"I need to commend the ladies in video—each shade, each espresso shading, each bend, each substance and what they gave me," Rowland tells ESSENCE. "My aim I set for the video was to take the light in yourself and your sexuality [and put it in] a God viewpoint, in a way where you don't need to get any endorsement from any other individual."

Rowland proceeds: "Some of the time when ladies remain in our own sexuality, without endorsement from any outside source, I imagine that there comes an alternate point of view, an alternate viewpoint, an alternate inclination, and for the most part we don't understand we're doing it, however I think society has sort of made it that way, particularly with the Black lady."

Watch Rowland's "Espresso" underneath.

The video, coordinated by Steven Gomillion, erotically rotates around Rowland and a few models negligibly styled in Left on Friday bathing suits, extending in tints of earthy colored—chocolate, cappuccino and coffee. Miami's scenery gave the purplish blue waters and heavenly sun, yet for Rowland, having differentiated portrayals of Black skin shading, hair surfaces and body sizes were the optics she needed up front. "I simply needed the video to seem to be, 'Here we are remaining in the entirety of our magnificence, in the entirety of our espresso hued conceals, in the entirety of our significance and you going to take this in.' And that is the thing that I needed and that is the thing that I need each lady to feel like. So that was my expectation, and frankly, I was eager for a lot of that video."

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