"Kurt Cobain's burnt sweater sold for 2 crores", committed suicide at the age of 27.

Source: Social Media

American singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain, who made the world crazy with 'Smells like teen spirit', has sold a cigarette-lit sweater for nearly two crores. Cobain recorded Nirvana's 'MTV Unplugged' in 1993, wearing this same sweater six months before committing suicide. This sweater has never been washed since Cobain's wear.

Smells like teen spirit is called one of the best songs in the world. Kurt committed suicide at the age of 27 after fighting depression, anger, drugs, fame. Kurt's body was found on 8 April 1994. Kurt had a shotgun on his chin. There was bleeding from their foreheads. At the time of his death, heroin and valium were present in huge amounts in his body. Kurt died on April 5.

Before he died, Kurt wrote a letter that said - Now the excitement of writing and listening to music in me is over and it has been many years. Kurt's quotes are very popular around the world. Kurt used to say that people swing on his songs but do not understand their meaning.

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