London: "39 dead bodies of Chinese nationals" recovered from lorry, claimed by British media

On Thursday, the bodies of 39 people were recovered from a lorry container in Essax, London. Where these people were supposed to live has now been revealed. According to sources, all these people found dead in a lorry were citizens of China. Explain that among the 39 bodies found in the lorry, 38 were adults while one was a juvenile. Police have arrested Laurie's driver from Northern Ireland in this case.

According to news agency AFP, 39 bodies were recovered from a lorry container in Essex, London. Whose bodies are these people and where were these people from whom the police were involved in the investigation. With whom it is now known that they were all Chinese citizens. Police said that the lorry came from Bulgaria, which entered the country on October 19, 2019 via Hollyhead. Human trafficking is also suspected in this case. Police arrested the driver of 25-year-old Laurie on suspicion of killing these people.

This is the second such case in which bodies of such a large number of people have been recovered from the lorry. Even before this an incident has taken place in which more than 50 people were found dead in a lorry. In 2000, a lorry container filled with 58 bodies was recovered from the Dover in London. In this case the driver of the lorry was sentenced to 14 years in a human trafficking case. Human trafficking is also suspected in the latest case. The lorry container was coming from Belgium in the Dover incident.

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