Luke bakhuizen, Australian photographer share heartbreaking pictures of Bushfire on instagram.

Luke Bakhuizen is an Australian picture taker and movie producer. He is known for the ethereal shots in his photography and short recordings and post it on web-based networking media(Social Media).

On Saturday, Luke Bakhuizen was crushed about the Australia Wildfire that have been killed a large portion of a billion creatures. Biologists from the University of Sydney gauge an amazing 480 million warm blooded animals, winged creatures and reptiles have been murdered since September.

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Around 5 million hectares — or 15.35 million sections of land — of land have consumed across the nation in the course of recent months, with at any rate 17 individuals dead and in excess of 1,000 homes annihilated.

Luke Bakhuizen Posted on Instagram:

He share some heartbreaking pictures and an emotional caption on instagram,in which @lukebakhuizen wrote,"HELP! As of the New Year, the fires in Australia have now scorched more than 15 million acres of land, killed almost half a billion animals, burned down over 1400 homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. He added,

"These fires are 500% larger than the Amazon fires and are getting bigger with no end in sight. Air quality is at hazardous levels in Australia and will be affecting everyone on a worldwide level. Civilians and holiday makers are stranded on beaches escaping the intense heat with no road out".

Luke Bakhuizen also asked people to donate for those who are in need, he share some ways to help:

  1. The regional fire services in the worst affected states, NSW, SA & VIC all require significant help for volunteer firefighters on the frontline, as well as provide relief to those affected. @nswrfs @cfavic @sa_countryfireservice

  2. WIRES - To help the NSW wildlife victims, you can donate to Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation with over 2500 volunteers. @wireswildliferescue

  3. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital – 8000 koalas are feared to have perished that’s 1/3 of their population in their primary habitat. Donations will be used to help in koala and wildlife survival as well as create new breeding programs. @portmacquariekoalahospital

Other useful methods to donate:

  1. To help with the relief and recovery efforts made possible by the @redcrossau

  2. To donate to the South Australian Country Fire Service here:

  3. Help the Country Fire Association of Victoria here:

  4. To help the @nswrfs you can donate here:

  5. Donate to the @foodbankaus to help provide food to those in need:

  6. The @salvosau are assisting with medium and long-term disaster relief, support them here:

  7. To help wildlife victims from the fires, donate to WIRES:

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