Maan de Steenwinkel shared crying photo on Instagram: "Interview didn't go so well"

Maan de Steenwinkel has shared an emotional photo on Instagram. The snapshot shows the popular 22-year-old singer in tears. "Sometimes everything seems so perfect, but then you just don't feel that inside," she adds.

At the moment, Maan is with the emotional ballad. She cries but she smiles to be found high in the charts. That number is a reason for her to be vulnerable on Instagram. "Sometimes it is also reality and important to express, rather than just the laughing pictures here," writes the singer, who announced on Instagram at the end of last year that her relationship with Tony Junior had gone wrong.

The reason for her tears, however, is an interview with her great idol Dua Lipa. ,, I went there with a feeling that this could be one of the coolest things I could do in ages. I was so nervous and wanted to do so well. ”The conversation, however, did not go as well as she hoped. "I drove back and the conversation repeated in my head and I got stuck with things that didn't go the way I wanted."

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The singer says that those things keep haunting her head and not "how super duper it was" that she could sit next to her idol and talk to her. "Where I hoped and expected that I would leave with a feeling of 'I just did it and am the happiest girl in the world', that was taken over by my perfectionist me and tears." Maan describes herself as a 'kind of caterpillar never enough' and that she is never good enough for herself.

The message she wants to give with the message is that those emotions aren't bad. ,, Sometimes everything seems so perfect, but then you just don't feel that inside. It is okay to surrender to that. Not everything goes as you would prefer. Let it go. Emotions are beautiful when you smile, but also when you cry. "

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