Matt Damon denied working in "Avatar"

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Los Angeles Hollywood superstar Matt Damon has revealed that he lost the opportunity to make a decent profit by not working in James Cameron's film Avatar. Damon said in an interview to 'GQ', "Cameron offered me to work in 'Avatar' and when he proposed to me, he said, 'Listen now, I don't want anyone else. I need a big actor. If you don't work in it, I'll take an unfamiliar artist and give it a role because the film doesn't really need you, but if you work, I'll give you 10 percent of the profit. "

Damon further said that he told filmmaker John Krasinski about this when he was writing 'Promised Land' and the filmmaker said, 'What? And then stood up. He said, "Ok ... if you had done this film, there would be no change in your life, except that, at this time, we would have been having this conversation on a different level."

Matt Damon continued, "So yes, I actually gave up far more profit than any other artist. I later regretted it and still do, but I am able to raise my children well and do a good job.

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