More than "12 crore people" will die if "Nuclear war happens between India and Pakistan" .


New Delhi: If Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan repeatedly predicts a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, then the death of five crore to 12.5 crore people within a week can be happen. According to new research, this number will be more than the total people killed in six years during the Second World War. Today India and Pakistan have about 150-150 nuclear weapons and by 2025 this number will be more than 200 times.

Research by researchers at the US-based University of Colorado Boulder and Rutgers has found out how much future warfare can cause worldwide devastation. Brian Toon of CU Boulders, who led the writing of the research report published in the Science Advance Journal, said, "This fictitious picture is very grim. At this stage, war will not only result in the deaths of millions of people locally.Hopefully, India and Pakistan will pay attention to this research report but generally we are concerned that Americans are not aware of the consequences of nuclear war."

This may cause the Earth planet to catch in unexpected cold, and it is possible that such a low temperature has not been recorded since the last ice age.

Toon, a professor in the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics, said, "The India-Pakistan war may double the average death rate in the world." Toon believes that such weapons are also a big threat, which is being undermined in the current scenario between India and Pakistan.They are making their weapons fast. He said, "There is a large population, which is facing great danger due to these weapons, and when there is an unresolved problem of Kashmir among them."

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