Muslims more fortunate in India: Mark Tully

New Delhi. Quoting Tully in the famous Journalist issue, Mark Tully said that it is written, "The spirit of tolerance in India is more powerful than in the Islamic countries of India, which is fortunate for Muslims, because here they are able to follow any Islamic tradition for different religions." Can be worshiped together. Tully creates an atmosphere by giving an example of living, harmony. Said that the issue of the Nizamuddin area of ​​Delhi is titled 'Tablighi the World where they live in the Home End. According to Tully, India is the headquarters of the Jamaat and they are extremely unique and the homes of all these religions are strict and conservative. Their fine. He said, 'Together India has a center of Sufi tradition, where there is spirituality. So far these Dhamot people Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya also have diversity. Muslims are more in India than coming to the Dargah of Islamic countries for jirat.

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