Mystery Soda Machine of Capitol Hill,Seattle!

Capitol Hill's Mystery Soda Machine was a vending machine in Capitol Hill, Seattle, which had been in operation since at least the 1990s.The soda vending Machine is completely unknown, no one knows who established the Soda vending machine.This Mystery Soda Vending Machine is dispensing cans normally. The Mystery Soda vending machine have ? M Y S TE R Y ? buttons.

A drink could be chosen using one of the "? mystery ?" buttons and the dispensed drinks were rare cans, like those not ordinarily available in the US or cans that have not been in circulation since the 1980s. Examples included Mountain Dew White Out, a raspberry-flavored Nesia brisque, an aerial punch and grape Fanta. The locksmith, whose business was in front of the machine, claims who has no knowledge of who operated it.

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In January 2018, the same month Seattle passed its sugary beverage tax , the machine raised its price from its typical $0.75 to $1.00

In June 2018, the machine vanished and a message was presented on the machine's Facebook page expressing "Taking a walk, need to get myself. Possibly wash up even."

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A note was taped to the rail where the machine used to be: "Took a walk". During this time, its Facebook page highlighted photoshopped pictures of the soft drink machine in different places far and wide.

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