NASA: "15 women's team to do spacewalk" for the first time on October 21 "without a man".

Photo Source: TheNewYorkTimes

-The spacewalk was postponed in March due to not getting the correct size of the spacesuit. -The team will be led by Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Mir, as they experience living in space.

New York. For the first time NASA is sending a team of 15 women for a spacewalk without a male partner. On October 21, this team will take a spacewalk in different stages. Earlier in March, NASA had planned to send women on the spacewalk, but it was postponed due to lack of proper size of the spacesuit. Now its plan has been made afresh.

According to NASA, Christina herself configured the second suit and began work on it after the spacewalk program was postponed in March due to the non-availability of spacesuits. So far, three suits have been prepared. After the creation of these suits, now three astronauts will be able to walk to the spacewalk.

NASA's Spacewalk Marathon to run until December Two of these will go on a spacewalk with NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan and with Jessica Mir. Luca Permetano of the European Space Agency will also spacewalk alongside Christina. Christina and Jessica have trained together for the past 6 years, as they are both members of the same team.

This NASA spacewalk marathon will run until December. The purpose of this marathon is to repair and upgrade the International Space Station. Anne McClain and Christina have walked the spacewalk for seven hours both were part of the 2013 Astronaut class, more than half of it was women, 50% of flight directors at NASA are women.

There will be spacewalk to install batteries in ISS The spacewalk undergoes spacecraft repair, scientific experimentation and testing of new equipment. Two of the Astronauts to participate in the spacewalk this time include Ann McClain and Christina Koch. McClain took part in a spacewalk with Nick Hague on March 22 to install a lithium-ion battery at the International Space Station. Both have long experience of spacewalk.

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