"Nobel of medicine" to three scientists, "their discovery will help in treating anemia-cancer".

-The three scientists made important discoveries about the relationship between cell and oxygen. -Nobel laureates will be announced in six fields by 14 October. -This year the Swedish Academy will announce the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2018 and 2019.

Stockholm: The announcement of the Nobel Prizes for 2019 in Sweden's capital Stockholm began on Monday. This time the Nobel Prize for Medicine 'William G. Kellyn Jr'. and 'Greg L. Semenza' of America, 'Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe' from Britain will be awarded. Tomorrow, in Physics and then by October 14, the Nobel Prize winner will be announced in a total of six fields.

According to the Nobel Assembly, these scientists discovered how human cells feel and adapt to the availability of oxygen. The three scientists identified the cellular machinery that regulates the activity of genes relevant to the availability of oxygen. This discovery explains the mechanism of the most important adaptation process of a life.

This established the basis for our understanding of how oxygen levels affect our cellular metabolism and physical activity. This discovery will help in treating anemia, cancer and other diseases.

Facts related to Nobel Prize in Medicine Between 1901 and 2018, there were 109 Nobel Prizes in medicine, 216 were awarded. Nobel has been awarded to 12 women in the field of medicine, in 2009 it was awarded to two women simultaneously.

"Frederick G. Banting (32), the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in medicine, received this award in 1923 for his discovery of insulin". "Peton Rouse (87) is the oldest Nobel laureate, given the award in 1966 for the discovery of the tumor inducing virus".

What does one get in Nobel Prize? Every winner of the Nobel Prize is given an amount of about four and a half crores. Along with this, a 200 gram medal and citation made of 23 carat gold is also given. On one side of the medal is written the image of Alfred Nobel, the father of the Nobel Prize, the date of his birth and death. On the other side of the medal is a picture of the Greek goddess Isis, the Royal Academy of Science Stockholm and information about the person who received the award.

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