Now terrorists are attacking the world through high-tech, drones and supplying weapons.

As the technology continues to develop, so are the terrorists who are using them extensively. Till now, drones were being used to record videos at wedding marriages, but now terrorists are using them to deliver weapons and detonate bombs. The explosion on the Aramco Company of Saudi Arabia and the AK-47 rifle recovered in Amritsar via drone on Sunday has further strengthened the fact that terrorists have now started using drones.

ISI launches weapons consignment from drone

On Sunday, four terrorists of the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) have sparked several secrets in police questioning. A large number of them, including five AK-47 rifles, were recovered. Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI had launched a consignment of these weapons in the Khemkaran sector from 23 August to 12 September through drones. It is 30 to 32 km from Ajnala Sector. State Special Operation Cell (SSOC), the intelligence wing of the Punjab Police, has arrested Mahal Singh, a pro-Khalistan prisoner in Fatehpur Jail in Amritsar, on a production warrant. The SSOC team produced KZF terrorists Balwant Singh alias Baba alias Nihang, Akashdeep Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Balbir Singh and Man Singh (Fatehpur Jail) in the court of Amritsar.

This is how arms delivery happened

Akashdeep used to send the location to ISI. ISI agents used to feed the fixed location to the GPS system of the drone. At the exact time and place, the drone arrives at night and returns after taking off the weapon. Later Akashdeep Singh would have transported the weapon safely from there. The agencies are locating the place where he used to keep the weapon. The location is estimated to be in a village on the Amritsar-Tarn Taran border near the barbed wire.

America used armed drone in its campaign

The US has heavily used armed drones in its operations against al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East, using drones such as Predator and Reaper in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. There is a larger, heavier, and far more capable MQ-9 Reaper than Predator that can carry larger weapons for longer distances.

Attack by drone will go ahead, need to be alert

As technology is developing, it is believed that the number of drone attacks will increase in the coming times. China has entered the market with very new technology. After the attack on Aramco, the possibilities of a new type of fighting are increasing, in which drones of such new technology will be used fiercely.

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