Phone exploded during charging, girl died in her sleep

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

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In Kazakhstan, a schoolgirl went to sleep putting her smartphone under charging and putting it under the pillow. The phone exploded, causing the girl to die in her sleep. According to reports, 14-year-old student Alua Asitzky Abzalbek went to sleep with a phone in bed to listen to music at her village home in Bastob, Kazakhstan. It is being told that the next morning she was found dead, where the phone battery was found near her head.

Police said his device (mobile phone) was at the time plugged into the power socket. It is believed that she may have suffered several head injuries due to the explosion in the device, due to which she may have died on the spot.

The forensic expert quoted her report as saying that the device exploded in the early hours of the morning due to overheating, leading to her death. Which brand was the smartphone, it is not known.

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