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Pokemon is going to launch Home Cloud Storage in February 2020.

Pokemon is one of the profoundly evaluated and broadly mainstream game. The engineers behind the game will be Game Freak. The game was distributed under the production of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

Makers Behind the game are Satoshi Tajiri with taking help from Ken Sugimori, the principal round of Pokemon was released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy.

The main Series of pretending computer games, likewise alluded by the other name as "center arrangement" by their engineers have proceeded on every age of Nintendo's handhelds.

The games were released two by two with slight varieties. A redo of the games was released a couple of years after the first forms for another comfort. The arrangement depends on the arrangement that have been created by different organizations, enveloping different kinds like riddle, battling, and computerized pet games.

Counting side projects, as of 24th of November in 2017, in excess of 300 million Pokemon games have been sold worldwide on the level. This likewise caused the Pokemon to be the subsequent top of the line computer game establishment, behind Nintendo's own Mario establishment.

After their monstrous hit among the crowd, Pokemon group have reported that they have taken a shot at cloud stage organizing and will launch a "Home Cloud Storage" in February.

Home Cloud Storage by Pokemon.

Pokemon Home cloud-based storage system can be accessed by players using their Apple devices and Android devices and also in Nintendo Switch. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are trying to make this to a single hub that will connect all of your Pokemon games and apps. You will be asked to pay for it as well. A 30-day subscription to the premium plan will cost $2.99 and $4.99 for 90 days and $15.99 for the whole year.

Subscribing to the premium plan will open more features for the users, which include transferring Pokemon from the 3Ds titles using Pokemon Bank, it can deposit up to 6,000 Pokemon and also enables the user for creating rooms to trade in and checking on the strength of your Pokemon.

A free, basic plan will also be availed, but its features will be vastly reduced in comparison. You won’t be getting any access to the Pokemon Bank, only 30 Pokemon can be stored in the system, and you cannot have a trading room for yourself as well. The difference between these will be the access to Pokemon Home from your Nintendo Switch or a mobile app, too.

It is said that Mobile devices won’t be able to handle moving Pokemon from the latest games like the Pokemon: Let’s Go! Series. Whereas, you can use both the Nintendo Switch and the mobile app to transfer your old school Pokemon using Pokemon Bank. There are also features you can only access using your phone judging and trading Pokemon, Mystery Gifts.