Policemen stabbed in front of "police headquarters" in Paris, "four killed"

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In front of the police headquarters in France's capital Paris, a man has attacked policemen with a knife. According to the information, four policemen have died in this attack. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo confirmed on Twitter that many people have died in the attack. The attack took place near the famous tourist destination Notre Dame Cathedral. The dead included three male and one female policemen. Another person was also seriously injured.

According to local media, the name of the attacker has not been made public, but it is being told that he was working in the police headquarters. The police has killed the attacker. No official statement has been released by the police yet. However the entire surrounding area is sealed.

Increasing attacks on police Attacks on police officers in France are increasing. For this reason, a day before, policemen all over the country went on strike. The attack took place at the headquarters premises around 1 pm local time.

President arrived on the spot After receiving the news of the attack, French President 'Emmanuel Macron', Prime Minister 'Edouard Philippe' and Interior Minister 'Christophe Castner' have reached on the spot.

The attacker was in the police for 20 years According to the French media, the attacker was around 45 years of age and had been doing administrative work in the Intelligence Department with the Paris Police for the past 20 years. He bludgeoned two people inside the office while he committed the same murder on the stairs. He killed the fourth person in the outer premises of the police headquarters.

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