Rape related question given to student as Biology homework assignment.

A question about rape was included on a ninth-grade biology homework assignment at a high school in Texas.The biology homework assignment of about 90 high school students in Texas had questions related to rape.

A "corrective action" is being taken after a school district in Texas included a question about rape on a ninth-grade biology homework assignment.

One of her teachers, the Klein Independent School District, gave "inappropriate homework question" in Houston, Texas, about 30 minutes before Rachel Trotter, about 90 students at Klein Collins High School in Texas,the students were asked to solve the following question:

"Suzy was assaulted in an alley and is a victim of rape. The police collected a sample of sperm that was left at the crime scene and now have three suspects in custody. Which of the suspects rape Suzy?"

"The task isn't a piece of the region's affirmed educational program and isn't illustrative of the area's instructional way of thinking," Trotter said. "The locale has examined the wellspring of the material and proper restorative move has been made."

A parent and a web based life present brought schoolwork inquiries on the region's consideration, Trotter said. He would not remark on the educator's business status or the area's procedure for supporting the educational program. He said that educators have the alternative to pick strengthening materials for extra assignments.

Trotter said no further remark would be made about the issue in the locale.

"This is disturbing and I know girls of this age, it's just been thought that they know that rape is non-consensual sex," said Cookie Winhaven, a 10th-grade daughter. "That's why I can't put a teacher to the test."

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