Reasons why people are fascinating for "Bonsai tree"!

Bonsai Tree

The art of making Bonsai plant is thousands of years old. Nowadays people have started planting Bonsai plants in their homes for beauty. Bonsai trees are in great demand in the market.

Their price can be around 60$. The older the trees are, the more expensive they get. The price of seeds of bonsai trees starts from 15$.

Bonsai is a Japanese word that means "dwarf plant". The word Bonsai in Chinese means "plant-growing vessel (pot)". Bonsai technique provides short form to the plants. This is particularly prevalent in China Japan.

Bonsai tree's advantages and disadvantages

Bonsai trees have the following benefits -Bonsai trees look small attractive. By growing it you can enhance the beauty of your home. -People who are short of space can also grow greenery in their home by planting bonsai trees. -Other tree plants require more water and more care, but Bonsai trees are small, so their maintenance costs little time. Irrigation of this plant takes very little water.

-Nowadays Bonsai tree has emerged as a good employment. You can also start a business of nursery of Bonsai trees and increase your income.

-Elderly people can easily cut their time by planting and maintaining Bonsai tree.

-By planting bonsai trees at home, children and future generations can easily be told about the importance of tree plants.

Bonsai trees have the following disadvantages

-Bonsai trees with negative energy should not be planted in the house.

-The plant of hawthorn is considered to be a negative energy plant.

-Some people believe that the way the growth of Bonsai trees stops, they stop the development of the house / office in which they are.

-Dried withers and broken bonsai plants produce negative energy. -Thorny bonsai plants should not be planted in the house. They can harm by pricking hands. Can also harm children.

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