"Ron Ely" son, Cameron Ely stabbed his mother with a knife on Tuesday evening.

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The star of the 1960s TV series Tarzan, son of Ron Ely , has killed his own mother. Ron's son Cameron Alley stabbed his mother with a knife at her California home on Tuesday evening.

Police officers said "several knife wounds were found on the body of 62-year-old Valerie Lundeen Ely. She was later declared dead. During this, actor Ron was also present at home. However, he has not suffered any injuries".

Police on the spot started searching for Cameron. There was news of hiding in his house. When Cameron started threatening the policeman, the policeman shot him.

On the other hand, actor Ron was also taken to the hospital where he was examined. However, he was later discharged from the hospital. Let me tell you, the matter started with a family dispute. Later, it was reported to the police. Although what the dispute was about, it has not been clear.

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