Sony Planning To Introduce Two Iconic Spidey Villains In “Amazing Spider Man 3”

While Sony may have enraged the complete nerd internet with their decision not to bang a new contract with Marvel Studios, they seemingly remain committed to the Tom Holland Spider-Man franchise, in spite of the fact that the last three live-action Spider-Man movies they’ve made on their own (Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2) have been well below the average level.

As we all know, following the argue between Sony and Disney, Spider-Man is now absolutely back in the control of Sony, which will see Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker revert back to the cinematic universe that Tom Hardy’s Venom at present exists in.

And although Venom is not likely to present in the next Spider-Man film — or vice versa, as they’re likely securing that ace up their sleeve — rumor has it that Sony does still have ideas to introduce two equally great Spider-Man rogues in their upcoming Spidey film.

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