Spider-Man returns to Marvel Cinematic Universe

As soon as the news of Spider-Man's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe came, the news has spread on social media like fire. The fans are obviously happy but after listening to this news, actor Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, did not budge.

As soon as possible, Tom shared a special video from his social media account. The video is from the film Wolf of Wall Street, where Leonardo Decaparois says "I'm not going anywhere, I'm here. The show must go on".

From this video we can all guess how excited Tom will be after hearing this news. Spider-Man's return to MCU is nothing short of a homecoming. Seeing this joy of Tom, he was also very happy to see the star Mark Rafallo who plays Hulk. Mark wrote on Tom's post, "It came back very quickly. I knew you would come back."

Well before this news, Sony and Disney have cleared the rift between them and made it clear that Spider-Man will be a part of MCU. Producer Kevin Feige will produce the next Spider-Man films. On this, Kevin says, "I am very happy to know that Spidey's journey will continue. The staff at Marvel Studios are very excited to hear this news."

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