The "US military" banned soldiers from using Tiktok.

Following the decision to ban the app, United States Army soldiers can no longer use TikTok on government-owned phones.

"It is considered a cyber threat," told army spokesman Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa, which broke the news on 30 December.

Both the Navy and the Department of Defense sounded the alarm on TikTok earlier this month. The Navy had previously asked its members not to add the app, and to remove it from government-issued equipment if it was already installed.

The Department of Defense asked employees to "be careful of applications you download, monitor your phone for unusual and unwanted texts, and uninstall TikTok quickly remove them and prevent any risk of personal information.

After lawmakers in the United States (CFIUS) called for an investigation in October, United States's TikTok to see if the Chinese government could collect user's data or control the shared content. The committee is under investigation in the US (CFIUS).

Tiktok said in an October statement that it was removed because it was asked by the Chinese government to do so, and would not do so in the future. The company said that it stores its US user data (with backup in Singapore) in the US, so it is not subject to Chinese law.

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