UP: The doors of Azam Khan's house were covered with notices, people were surprised to see

Surprising people were surprised to see the number of notices outside the house of SP MP Azam Khan. On Tuesday, the officials of Ganj Police Station, outside the main Darwade of Azam Khan's Rampur residence, have put together several court notices related to various other matters including land grabbing.

Many of these notices are also in the name of Azim Khan's wife Tajin Fatima and son Abdullah Azam. Please tell that more than 80 cases have been registered against SP MP from Rampur Azam Khan. Most of these are related to land grab for Jauhar University.

It is to be known that these days, MP Azam Khan is surrounded by many allegations with the whole family and this figure is increasing day by day. On Friday, Ganj police station filed a police report against 38 people, including his son Adeeb Azam, for buying and selling land in the district jail's hanging house.

Along with this, many cases have been filed in Azim Khan in the Yatimkhana case in buffalo theft, goat theft, book theft, non-willful murder, robbery, fraud and other serious sections. It also includes the names of his wife Tazin Fatima, both sons and the late mother.

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