"Vanessa Hudgens" says the 2007 nude photo hack was 'painful'

More than a decade after her nude photos were leaked, actress Vanessa Hudgens called the invasion of privacy "a shock to privacy", contrasting public apologies at the time.

In a recent interview, she said, "It was a very sad thing for me." "Really above fed up that people feel they are entitled enough to share something personal with the world."

The "high school musical" star was 18 years old when the photos were leaked in 2007 and she faced public backlash, including allegations that she was not a good role model for her young Disney Channel fans.

"Gabriella and Troy COO, they do googly eyes, they barely kiss," the Associated Press wrote in a 2007 story about the leak. "They certainly don't show nude photos."

As the photos circulated on the Internet, Hudgens issued a public apology stating that she was "embarrassed at the situation" and regretted taking the photos. Yet her recent comments, which almost marked a face from her initial expression of regret, came after more people realized she was a crime victim.

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