Venom 2 is scheduled for release in the United States on October 2, 2020.

Image source: Marvel

With the unexpected box office success of Sony's Venom Movie, it was hardly a surprise that a sequel was quickly confirmed. The Tom Hardy Spider-Man spin-off earned more money at the box office than the Giardians od the Galaxy and Deadpool 2. But in fact, rumors of a sequel began even before that. Cast members were already talking about a sequel, before Venom came to theaters.

Good news for all the Marvel fans So Venom is set to be released on 02 October 2020 which is officially announced by Tom Hardy after the 2 years release of first part . This part is directed by Andy Serkis.

The cast of venom 02:

  • Tom Hardy as venom

  • woody Harrelson as the carnage

  • Michelle William as Anne wearing

  • Reid Scott as Anne’s boyfriend

  • Naomie Harris as shriek’s

A new character with a disclosed role has been introduced in Venom 2. Let’s see what will be the character be? Is it Spiderman?

Whatever the role is the person in the cast is Stephen Graham.

Will spider man be in its part 02?

Tom Holland may appear as Peter Parker / Spider-Man in 'Venom 2'. However, while Holland is in talks for a cameo in 'Venom 2', this information comes from a casting breakdown. Therefore, keep in mind that negotiations are still on and it is possible that a deal cannot be reached.

There are probably many chances to see Spiderman in this part. If Spiderman gets its free dates from the Avenger series

As indicated by screenwriter Jeff Prinker, he stated that "I am not allowed to reveal anything". It strongly believes Spiderman's presence.

We have a surprisingly amazing sequel on the way, we will keep you updated. Till then stay connected with us.

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