Virginia gun rally flooded with thousands of pro gun activist to protest proposed gun laws.

Thousands of gun rights activists, many heavily armed, gathered at the Virginia Capitol in Richmond on Monday to protest against proposed gun laws.

"Bill Groom said," Many people say there is a gun problem, and, I, I'm proving here that my weapon is safe, I'm disciplined and it's not going to do anything.

Tensions had been growing since Democrats proposed to take control of the state legislature and limit handgun purchases and proposed several bills requiring background checks.

"It starts in Virginia, and they get on with these whackado legislation, it's going to go nationwide," said gun-fired activist Vanessa Dallas.

Security was beefed up after authorities found several credible threats of violence. The government Ralph Northam issued an emergency and restricted weapons inside Capitol Square, where the rally was taking place.

A counter protest was planned by gun control advocates, but the off was called due to leadership concerns over the off.

The armed forces carrying mob-style weapons remained in formation until the crowd became very thick. Demonstrators without firearms filed through 17 metal detectors at an entrance in Capitol Square, where about 6,000 people cheered furious speeches on the Second Amendment. A large crowd was present outside the square, where they could keep their weapons.

It was the aftershock of elections last fall, when thousands of Virginia voters gave Democrats prominence in the General Assembly promising to enforce gun-control laws. The loss of this equation occurred on the streets of this city on Monday, supported by the self-styled patriots of the entire country.

According to officials, an estimated 22,000 people attended, who said that a woman had been arrested in public for wearing a mask.

He said that the protesters came out despite the drop in temperature to give a message to the legislators.

The government considered running us, we run the government, "said Kem Rejic, a 20-year-old private security officer from Northern Virginia who said a white flag was brought with a photo of a rifle," come and take it. "

Northam was a special center of protesters' anger. A poster showed his face on the body of Adolf Hitler.

Democratic lawmakers said the rally was affecting their plans to pass gun control measures, including universal background checks and one-handgun-purchase-a-month limit. Democrats say that tightening Virginia's gun laws will make communities safer and help prevent mass shootings like last year in Virginia Beach, where a dozen people were killed in a municipal building.

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